Discover your passion through projects.

Complete a project that helps you impact the world -- and develop passion in the process.

The fastest way to discover a passion is to work on a project during an internship with professionals. Download my free guide "5 Steps to Getting an Internship While in High School."

Hi, I'm Dr. Liz Krider.  This program is everything I wish I would have had when I was exploring different interests in high school and when I was asking so many questions early in my career.

I love helping students transform their interests into projects and internships.

This transformation helps students discover their passions and invites them to contribute to their communities.

When we do this, we find ways to level up our skills, to work with others, and to go beyond our comfort zones.

In the process, we discover ourselves.

I have mentored hundreds of students over the past 10 years who have matriculated to the following universities:  Stanford, Yale, Cornell, Brown, Georgetown, Duke, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Johns Hopkins University, Rice, NYU, Tufts, University of Notre Dame, Purdue, and many other top 100 colleges.

I earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and have extensive experience in academic research for pre-college/college students, science policy, mentorship, and STEM education. 

I have spent more than 20 years mentoring students in Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church groups, robotics and mountain biking.

I am the recipient of several awards for environmental advocacy, community service, and teaching.

How to Discover Your Passion

Reflect on your interests

Think about what you enjoy doing or topics you like. Where do your interests take you? What issues or challenges do you care about?

Brainstorm ideas

Identify what should happen to address the need or issue. How can you act creatively to address the need?

Learn about needs

Understand the needs of the individuals or groups affected by the issue. How can this lead you to analyze the issue more carefully?

Test your solution

Build and test your ideas to solve the need. Who did you help? What did you learn? How can you improve your solution?


Students can discover their passions through projects that involve community challenges they care about. Students learn how to manage a project, to communicate effectively, and to collaborate with others on a shared goal.


The fastest way for a teenager to discover a new passion is to intern with university researchers, non-profit professionals or business groups.  Internships have the power to transform a teenager into an independent learner.  

Download my free guide, "5 Steps to Getting an Internship While in High School."


Happy Clients

Whitney D., parent of Yale graduate

"I'm so grateful for what Dr. Liz Krider has inspired in my daughter and how she nourished her abilities in a way that enabled her to flourish at Yale. Dr. Krider's effort and charisma have been the difference-makers in my daughter's confidence and curiosity. She graduated with distinction for her intellectual accomplishments and is now working in a field that has held her interests for years. It would not have been possible with Dr. Liz's mentoring."

Alex S., pre-med student at Georgetown

"Dr. Krider helps you gain the scientific skills, understanding and confidence to pursue your scientific questions. She guides and supports you through execution of your own scientific method to address real world issues and participate actively in your field of interest, even prior to attending university. The rigor of Dr. Krider’s method prepares you not only for traditional college classes and research, but also for real world skills such as interviews and intellectual discussion."

Annie G., parent of UC Berkeley student

"Thank you so much, Dr. Liz, for everything you have done for my daughter this year. You have been such a pivotal person for her; she admires and looks up to you. I dare say you have opened her eyes up in regards to the medical field and have whet her interest not only in research but molecular and cellular biology and public health! You have been an amazing role model and this mom could not thank you enough. My daughter is simply blessed to have crossed paths with you."

Maddie L., finance major at Cornell

"Dr. Krider is someone who will dedicate all her time and effort to help you succeed and get to the place you want to be. I didn’t appreciate all that I learned while working with her until I started my freshman year at Cornell and realized what a better writer I had become. After finishing my project, I felt so proud of how I grew and what I was able to accomplish, which was bigger than myself and could really impact the community."


Mentored wherever you are

On top of 1:1 mentoring with me, I also provide recorded content for every student so that no one is ever stuck.